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APEC Online Marketing was established by a young professional team from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1999; over a decade, we have grown substantially to serve companies around the world. At the beginning, we started with only professional websites design, corporate image design services and advertising service. Despite the fact that our market keeps changing for the best and in order for APEC Online Marketing to keep up with it, we moved into the core business of advertisement planning and e-commerce marketing. It covers four different aspects of advertising, includes Internet, Printing, Interactive and Outdoor. In e-commerce marketing area, we provides no only our excellent online systems, but also our proficient online marketing strategies.

Our goal is to create designs that are new, fresh and impressive to match our customers' unique corporate image. Our team discussions and meetings include our opinion, analysis, research and development. We believe that these are the essential steps for us to come up with our creative and unique ideas. We enjoy this procedure of work and treat it as a part of our life.

We value high quality, service, creativity and uniqueness. We will only deliver the best designs to our customers and nothing less. We are known to provide excellent and professional service to each and everyone of our customers.

We have excellent team of professionals who can provide professional planning, design, programming and support services to our customers.

Why us?
We make it easy!

Customer Service

APEC Online Marketing believes in building long term relationships with our partners and clients. Delivering outstanding service is a large reason why so many of our customers have been with us for so long. Every client is assigned a dedicated account manager, who works closely with you to ensure your campaigns run smoothly and that together we achieve your desired results.

Optimized results

Our Adimy platform constantly optimizes your campaign to maximize results. If you provide us with multiple creatives, and we will work out which one is drive the best results. We also constantly optimize your campaign across different websites, ad placements and ad sizes to ensure that your specific campaign goals are being met.

Optimization can be based on:
Reaching the most unique users
Banner responses (clicks)
Actions (sales, registrations etc)


All of our advertisers and agencies have a secure login to our campaign dashboard where they can monitor the progress of all of their campaigns as and when they like. Each login is client specific so that all current and future campaigns are visible, along with any campaign pending launch. With the ability to export reports directly from the dashboard, APEC Online Marketing makes campaign monitoring and reporting easy.
The Right Audience
APEC Online Marketing allows you to reach over 65.2 million people across over 1,200 websites in Southeast Asia. Our network combines the best local language websites with the most popular international sites, allowing you to reach your target audience no matter where they spend their time online.
APEC Online Marketing Certified Inventory
APEC Online Marketing Network gives you the confidence to display your brand in our network by certifying all our inventory is brand- safe, relevant and transparent. Our local media specialists hand-vet every single website and webpage before awarding a publisher with APEC Online Marketing Inventory Certification. Our team also routinely monitors our inventory to ensure ongoing compliance. In fact, we are so confident in our inventory that we have an open site list so you can verify the appropriateness, quality, and relevance of our network for your brand.
Targeting and Optimization
Delivering your message into contextually relevant environments is an important factor in the success of your campaign. APEC Online Marketing offers 15 vertical channels such as Business, Youth, Women and Travel, which allow you to effectively target environments that are contextually relevant to your message. Each ad placement is individually categorized by our media team based on the content of that particular page, ensuring not just the website but the actual page where you ad will be displayed matches your desired environment.


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