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Facebook is where people are these days. And for most brands, establishing a presence on Facebook is a must. Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, if a business didn’t have a toll-free phone number, it was a sign that they weren’t modern. In the later ‘90s and 2000s, a business that didn’t have a website was out of touch. A Facebook Page for your business is the toll-free telephone number, website -- and let’s not forget the Yellow Pages! -- of today. If your business doesn’t have a presence on Facebook, then you aren’t paying attention to where people are.  

Not only do businesses need to be on Facebook, they need to be likeable and Liked. A Facebook Page that is Liked by hundreds or thousands or hundreds of thousands of people gives that business visibility, the opportunity to build relationships with people who Like the business or product, and the opportunity to reach their friends. How? When someone Likes your Page by clicking on the “Like” button, that action flows out to their Facebook feed and is visible to their friends.

Now let’s do some quick math. The average Facebook user has 190 friends. That means that if someone Likes your Page, 190 people could see that action. Now say you get 1,000 people to Like your Page. All those Likes could potentially place your Page in front of 190,000 Facebook users.

Create your Facebook page and get your likes now...

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